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People we've helped before



Andrii is a professional soldier who successfully graduated from the Tank Troops Military Institute in Kharkiv and went into retirement after a short service. In March of this year, he returned to the front but was injured in June near Izyum. The fighter received treatment in Italy and many hospitals in Ukraine, but his completely shattered shoulder joint and the absence of shoulder muscles complicated his condition.

A doctor from Vinnytsia and volunteers from Materialise developed a personalized implant that connects the shoulder and scapular bone. This solution allows Andrii to move his arm using the muscles of the scapula and preserve the sensitivity of the wrist and elbow joints. To raise funds for the implant, 91,770 hryvnias (∼$2490) needed to be collected, and this amount was fully covered thanks to donations.

We are pleased to announce that the complex operation was successfully performed, and Andrii is now in rehabilitation, actively working on restoring his right arm and shoulder. We are in touch with him and await further news from our hero.



Slavik is a former miner who has been defending Ukraine on the front lines since the beginning of the war in 2014. He was injured during an operation in Balakliya, requiring reconstruction of his shoulder bone. For this, he needed a specific "cage" type implant to hold the autograft in place.

Our patron, who wished to remain anonymous, covered a significant portion of the costs - 18,000 hryvnias. The rest of the funds were raised through Facebook.

The implant was made by our wonderful partners - Materialise. The total cost was 20,000 hryvnias (∼$542).



Vitaliy is a true master of construction. He is currently undergoing rehabilitation after an injury he sustained in October. Despite having gone through six surgeries, the fighter is not giving up. Vitaliy works with a rehabilitation specialist almost every day, and can now use three fingers on his hand (previously, he couldn't use his hand at all). Doctors at the military hospital and engineers at 3D Metal Tech developed an implant that replaced the defective part of his elbow bone and will promote his further rehabilitation. Thanks to the donations of caring people, we were able to raise the necessary amount to manufacture this implant - 36,251 hryvnias (991 USD).



Vasyl (name changed for security reasons) worked in the IT industry and participated in combat operations in 2014-2015. After returning, he continued to work, and in the spring of 2022, he was mobilized again to defend Ukraine. While performing a combat mission in the Kherson region in July 2022, his group came under enemy fire, and Vasyl was injured in his left shin, right thigh, and pelvis. Fortunately, the artery was not affected, and the bleeding was contained. Evacuation from under fire was very difficult. Vasyl and his group were taken out only in the morning.

Currently, the main operation is the restoration of the left shin so that Vasyl can walk again. Although the wounds have already healed, the bones are still shattered. Therefore, volunteers from Materialise, together with doctors from the Volyn Regional Hospital, have developed a special implant for bone restoration. Its cost was 86,478 hryvnias (∼$2,340).

During the installation of the implant in Vasyl, there were some complications, but now he is gradually recovering after the operation. The soldier is gaining strength and waiting for the bones to fuse. Doctors constantly monitor his condition.



We purchased an implant for the military officer Mykhailo (name changed) - a plate that connects two parts of the jaw together, with a part of the lost bone taken from the officer's own thigh. The surgery was performed by doctors from the Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital. BRONX FitnessHub provided us with financial assistance, jointly organizing a charity run.



Artem is a 28-year-old military who was injured in a rocket attack on March 20 in Kyiv. He suffered serious injuries: 3rd-4th degree burns on his upper and lower limbs (burn surface area is 35% of the body), barotrauma, concussion, electric shock, and multiple fractures.

The young man needs help purchasing creams to treat scars. The area of the body affected is very large. He uses about 120g of creams per month, which costs approximately 5,000 - 7,000 hryvnias. The treatment course should last at least six months.

We managed to purchase and deliver creams to Artem for two months: Kelocote (1 package of 60g) and Dermatix Ultra (11 packages of 15g). Patrons Yevheniya and Pavlo have decided to continue supporting Artem directly. They are in constant contact with him.



Ivan (name changed for security reasons) served in the military for 25 years and retired. However, only after 4 months, he voluntarily returned to the front. While defending us, he suffered a severe head injury. Such injuries are extremely difficult, and rehabilitation after them is a real challenge.

Ivan needed a cranioplasty surgery. This is an individually designed titanium plate that covers the defect of a part of the skull. Thanks to the fundraising organization, we managed to raise the necessary amount - 32,844 hryvnias (∼$900).



Vladyslav was wounded during the battle in Balakliia. One bullet went through his finger and wrist, and the other hit his right shoulder.

At the Dobrobut Clinic in Kyiv, he underwent surgery on his hand and had his shoulder bones reconstructed.

Patrons Olena and Jim donated 22,000 hryvnias for the soldier's treatment. Currently, Vladyslav is undergoing rehabilitation in Kharkiv and also training other soldiers.



Andriy (name changed) is a 32-year-old resident of Lutsk with three children. Prior to the war, he had a farm in a village and enjoyed sports. In the early days of the full-scale invasion, Andriy joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The fighter suffered severe injuries near Bakhmut in early October. When Andriy and his comrades were returning from their positions, a shell hit their car.

He needed a special titanium plate to restore his skull. 3D Metal Tech worked on the production of this implant.

Our goal was to raise 67,262.13 hryvnias (∼$1822) to cover the cost of the plate itself and the necessary tools for its installation: screws, screwdriver, and a special handle. Half of the funds were raised during a charity raffle in cooperation with the climbing gym "The Wall" in Lviv, and the rest was raised through Facebook fundraising.



Sashko is a 21-year-old defender of Ukraine who sustained shrapnel injuries to his spine and spinal cord while fighting for his country. He was hospitalized in southern Ukraine and is now recovering at a rehabilitation center in the Lviv region. The daily cost of his rehabilitation is 2,700 UAH.

Thanks to the fundraiser organized on Facebook, we managed to cover the expenses of Sashko's two-week stay in the center - 37,982 UAH. The Lapigua foundation from Poland covered half of the month's cost (∼5,000 PLN).

Sashko is working very hard, and his progress is impressive. But he still needs help. If you want to support Sashko directly, please contact us.



Stepan (name changed because of security reasons) is a young soldier whose mother reached out to us by filling out a questionnaire on our website. During his rehabilitation, Stepan needed a wheelchair, so we helped him find a new one and organized its transportation to his family. We maintain constant communication with Stepan's mother, and on August 19th, we learned that Stepan is feeling one of his toes again!



Dmytro is a military medic who suffered serious injuries during shelling, including a mine-explosion injury to his right hand, damage to his finger nerves, and a shoulder injury. He underwent surgery at the "Dobrobut" clinic to restore his right hand and finger nerves. The treatment was funded by his patron Pavlo from Kyiv, who donated about 9000 UAH (∼$250) for Dmytro's post-operative stay and medication. Currently, Dmytro is undergoing rehabilitation and will be able to resume his duties soon. Pavlo continues to stay in touch with him.



Sergiy is a young soldier fighting stage 4 cancer. We received a request from Sergiy through our partnership with the Kyiv Military Hospital and arranged to provide him with palliative care at a private clinic. Several patrons have provided financial support to Sergiy, including patrons from the Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, and the United States, who transferred funds directly to his account for the purchase of painkillers and antibiotics, and also provide him with moral support. Our "golden" patrons, Kazimierz and Marta from Poland, fully paid for his stay in the palliative care department at the "Dobrobut" clinic - over $1400.



In February, while defending the Kyiv region, Alexander suffered a mine explosion injury in Brovary (near Kyiv) and was hospitalized with a shoulder and elbow nerve injury. After a successful operation, the functionality of his hand was fully restored. Financial assistance was provided by Kazimierz and Marta from Poland (∼$230), which made this operation possible.



Mykola (name changed because of security reasons) sustained a serious injury to both lower extremities, partial damage to the left sciatic nerve, and cicatricial compression of the right fibular nerve. Treatment and complex surgery on the sciatic nerves were carried out thanks to the joint efforts of our patrons - Alla and Natalia from Ukraine (∼$380) and the international charity "Direct Relief". Together - to victory!



Mykyta (name changed for security reasons) was injured in April 2022. With a mine-explosive injury to his left thigh, fragments, cicatricial compression of the sciatic nerve, and impaired function of his left leg, he received treatment at the clinic thanks to our patrons - Anna from Ukraine (∼$100) and a family from Poland (∼$250). On July 23, he underwent surgery to remove the fragment of his left thigh and neurolysis of the sciatic nerve. Now, Mykyta is feeling much better.



Svitlana, a 27-year-old refugee from Bachmut, where her home was completely destroyed, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks to our patrons Stefania from Poland and Kristina from Germany, Svitlana was able to afford palliative treatment in a clinic. She has been hospitalized twice in recent months, and the female patrons are supporting her during this difficult time.



Yuriy, 60-year-old father and grandfather, experienced severe fatigue and pain just 2 months after being mobilized. Doctors diagnosed him with advanced pancreatic cancer. Thanks to patrons from Poland, doctors were able to provide Yuriy with palliative care, including pain relief, parenteral nutrition, and rehabilitation. He now feels better and is with his family.