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About us

"Health Patrons" is a young initiative founded by three Kyiv-Mohyla Academy graduates: Oryna Chubych, Svitlana Myrylenko and Viktoria Kuchirka. Our mission is to help the people who have lost their health because of the war. We connect Ukrainian men and women, injured due to the war unleashed by Russia, with families in Europe and the USA - "patrons" who are ready to support their treatment or rehabilitation financially.

How does it work?

We work with the wounded, who need help and patrons that are ready to provide it. We facilitate direct, personal assistance. This way the patrons can help the wounded and rest assured they are supporting the treatment and rehabilitation of real people who need their help the most.

Become a patron

Right now you can help one specific person who needs you. We connect you directly with injured people who need financial support during treatment and rehabilitation. If the injured person does not have the possibility to receive funds and report on their use independently, the patrons can transfer the funds directly to the hospital where the person is. We will make sure that all the money goes to the treatment of this particular victim. Together we will report to the patron about its use.

Your contribution can help


Provide high-quality diagnostics


Improve treatment conditions


Speed up recovery

Ways to help


One-time money transfer

Such help is especially needed in the initial stages to ensure quality diagnosis, surgical intervention, etc.


Continuous financial support

A lot of people need rehabilitation and your regular support will help the injured come back to life step by step.


Provide consultation and direct support for the wounded

Some of the wounded are undergoing rehabilitation abroad, where they need help on the spot - with documents, translation, and provision of needs. It is also very valuable.

Do you want to help a specific person?

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Need help?

Contact us if:

  • you or your relatives suffered as a result of Russian aggression, you are currently in Ukraine and you need financial assistance during treatment or rehabilitation
  • you have a wartime injury and currently are being treated abroad, and you need any kind of help

You could also send us a mail or text us on any messenger.

Health Patrons statements for 2023

Who we've already helped



Andrii is a professional soldier who successfully graduated from the Tank Troops Military Institute in Kharkiv and went into retirement after a short service. In March of this year, he returned to the front but was injured in June near Izyum. The fighter received treatment in Italy and many hospitals in Ukraine, but his completely shattered shoulder joint and the absence of shoulder muscles complicated his condition. A doctor from Vinnytsia and volunteers from Materialise developed a personalized implant that connects the shoulder and scapular bone. This solution allows Andrii to move his arm using the muscles of the scapula and preserve the sensitivity of the wrist and elbow joints. To raise funds for the implant, 91,770 hryvnias (∼$2490) needed to be collected, and this amount was fully covered thanks to donations. We are pleased to announce that the complex operation was successfully performed, and Andrii is now in rehabilitation, actively working on restoring his right arm and shoulder. We are in touch with him and await further news from our hero.



Slavik is a former miner who has been defending Ukraine on the front lines since the beginning of the war in 2014. He was injured during an operation in Balakliya, requiring reconstruction of his shoulder bone. For this, he needed a specific "cage" type implant to hold the autograft in place. Our patron, who wished to remain anonymous, covered a significant portion of the costs - 18,000 hryvnias. The rest of the funds were raised through Facebook. The implant was made by our wonderful partners - Materialise. The total cost was 20,000 hryvnias (∼$542).



Vitaliy is a true master of construction. He is currently undergoing rehabilitation after an injury he sustained in October. Despite having gone through six surgeries, the fighter is not giving up. Vitaliy works with a rehabilitation specialist almost every day, and can now use three fingers on his hand (previously, he couldn't use his hand at all). Doctors at the military hospital and engineers at 3D Metal Tech developed an implant that replaced the defective part of his elbow bone and will promote his further rehabilitation. Thanks to the donations of caring people, we were able to raise the necessary amount to manufacture this implant - 36,251 hryvnias (991 USD).