Andrii is a professional soldier who successfully graduated from the Tank Troops Military Institute in Kharkiv and went into retirement after a short service. In March of this year, he returned to the front but was injured in June near Izyum. The fighter received treatment in Italy and many hospitals in Ukraine, but his completely shattered shoulder joint and the absence of shoulder muscles complicated his condition.

A doctor from Vinnytsia and volunteers from Materialise developed a personalized implant that connects the shoulder and scapular bone. This solution allows Andrii to move his arm using the muscles of the scapula and preserve the sensitivity of the wrist and elbow joints. To raise funds for the implant, 91,770 hryvnias (∼$2490) needed to be collected, and this amount was fully covered thanks to donations.

We are pleased to announce that the complex operation was successfully performed, and Andrii is now in rehabilitation, actively working on restoring his right arm and shoulder. We are in touch with him and await further news from our hero.